Stefania Carini assistente virtuale

The virtual assistant performs the same tasks as a traditional assistant, but remotely. Communications take place via email, telephone or through meetings on platforms such as Meet or Zoom.

Because the relationship with a virtual assistant is collaborative and more flexible, it can be modified based on workflows and your needs, the advantages, even just in economic terms, of this collaboration are considerable.

Delegating allows you to free up your time, so you can focus only on the primary tasks for you and your business. Optimization is the key word of this collaboration.

Everywhere! Thanks to technology, a virtual assistant can work from anywhere. Personally, I run my businesses from an office set up in my home.

I use tools like Toggl to track the time spent on each client, allowing me to provide weekly or monthly reports of the work performed.

Craftsmen, entrepreneurs and freelancers, companies, even large ones, anyone can collaborate with a virtual assistant, the discriminating factor for this collaboration are the services that I offer, based on my skills and the services that my potential clients require.

Yes, she is a full-fledged freelancer, as far as I’m concerned I have a flat-rate VAT number, so the costs indicated in the estimates I send to my clients, as well as the invoices I issue, are without VAT.

Invoicing is monthly, at the end of the working month I issue the invoice, which is always accompanied by a document summarizing all the services performed and/or the details of hours worked. Payment is on demand by bank transfer.

Trust is built over time through concrete results and a mutual relationship. Collaborating with a virtual assistant carries the same risks as hiring an employee, but we can start with a gradual collaboration to evaluate our compatibility.

Before starting our collaboration, upon signing the contract, I will send you the privacy policy and the authorization to process data. Your privacy is one of my top priorities.

If you have other questions or would like to start working together, don’t hesitate to contact me, the first consultation is free. I’m here to help you optimize your time and activities.

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